Night cream - your skin's ticket to seriously good beauty sleep

Night cream - your skin's ticket to seriously good beauty sleep


Waking up looking a little lacklustre lately? Turns out beauty sleep is a real thing, and when we’re not getting enough of it, our skin takes just as much of a hit as our energy levels. That’s why when it comes to getting your get-up-and-glow back, a little night cream goes a long way.
Let’s be real - the last few years have been rough. From stressing about home-schooling, to turning bedrooms into office spaces and cancelling plan after postponed-plan, lots of us are feeling more frazzled than ever before.

The slow-building stress of it all impacts our body in more ways than one, and our skin often bares the physical brunt of it. Busy days full of uncertainty lead to stress, stress disrupts our sleep, and less sleep means dehydrated, tired skin that hasn’t had enough time to heal and rejuvenate.

It’s basically a one-way street to dull skin-ville.

Okay, so why does skin love sleep?

To understand why our skin looks ‘tired’ when we’re not feeling too flash, we need to take a look at what getting a good night’s sleep does for our complexion in general.

In the same way you might unwind from a long day with a bath, a good book, or a steaming cup of tea, our skin takes time to unwind and rejuvenate at night too.

When we’re tucked in and fast asleep, our skin has time to heal itself away from harmful UV rays, pollutants and other environmental nasties - a straight shot at repair with no distractions.

The less sleep we get, the less time our skin has to work its natural magic and keep us looking happy and healthy. In fact, anything less than five hours of shut-eye per night can seriously affect the way we look come morning time.

The case for a great night cream

So if our skin naturally regenerates itself at night, why add skincare to the mix at all? It’s a fair question, but the answer isn’t complicated.

Simply put, adding something nourishing like a night cream to your routine helps turbo-charge the rejuvenation process and make up for the skin-healing hours of sleep you may or may not be missing lately.

Our skin’s oil production peaks at midday and drops off overnight when the skin is at its most permeable, meaning without supplementing moisture, we’re more likely to wake up with parched, tired skin.

A well-formulated night cream acts as a stop-gap for decreasing hydration and moisture levels, keeping water locked in and replenishing skin-smoothing oils while you snooze.

Night creams are also a great way to turn the skin’s naturally heightened permeability into a positive, boosting it with extra-nourishing ingredients at the perfect time for quick, efficient absorption.

Say hello to your new bedtime pick-me-up

Luckily for all us sleepless beauties, finding an effective night cream is easier than bingeing Netflix on a Friday night.

That’s where our NEW Vitamin C Ceramide Night Cream comes in.

Packed with powerful vitamin C, helpful ceramides, and a whole host of hydration-boosting ingredients and natural oils, it’s quite literally a game-changer for combatting the physical effects of poor sleep, or supporting an even better beauty sleep.

Vitamin C helps brighten and invigorate the skin, kicking our natural collagen production into gear to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Ceramides lock in hydration for a strong, supple skin barrier come morning time, helping replenish our natural supply and stopping our overall levels from dwindling as we age.

Hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter and jojoba oil join forces to hydrate thirsty skin, with revitalising rosehip oil sealing the deal so you can wake to that eight-solid-hours-of-sleep glow no matter when you hit the hay.

So, our advice in a nutshell? When it comes to helping your skin wake up on the bright side, a slather of Vitamin C Ceramide Night Cream could be your new glow-to.

Sweet dreams!