Say goodbye to dull skin and prepare to glow with our newest Trilogy family additions, Vitamin C Booster Treatment and Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion! Packed with the goodness of glow-boosting antioxidant vitamin C, these certified natural skin treats form the ultimate radiance-boosting duo.

How does Vitamin C brighten skin?
Vitamin C is a power-packed antioxidant involved in the synthesis of collagen, which helps to improve skin plumpness and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When applied topically, vitamin C also helps to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation and evens skin tone, which in turn helps to improve its overall glow.

What is Vitamin C Booster Treatment?
Vitamin C Booster Treatment is a certified natural, freshly activated two-week intense brightening treatment packed with high-potency natural vitamin C powder in its freshest, most active form!

With 6% ascorbic acid and a hyaluronic acid concentrate base enriched with illuminating daily extract, nourishing rosehip and fresh mandarin oil, this glow-boosting skin treat helps to even skin tone and increase radiance to help even the dullest complexion glow. Once activated, twice daily use for two consecutive weeks will help to visibly reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation to improve overall radiance and the appearance of dull and tired skin.

What is the benefit of fresh activation?
There are different derivatives of vitamin C, with ascorbic acid being the most concentrated and pure form of vitamin C for optimal glow-boosting potency. However, it is also highly unstable due to its molecular structure and quick to oxidise when exposed to air, light and water, making its potency short-lived before the molecule begins to break apart. Because its glow-boosting benefits are dependent on freshness, the packaging mechanism of Vitamin C Booster Treatment seals the ascorbic acid powder from the hyaluronic base until you’re ready to begin your treatment.

Why is Vitamin C Booster Treatment bottled in a clear container?
With vitamin C being such a notoriously unstable ingredient vulnerable to light exposure, vitamin C skincare products are typically bottled in dark containers. However, because the Vitamin C Booster Treatment's ascorbic acid is kept sealed from the hyaluronic acid concentrate and is freshly activated when you’re ready to begin your treatment, its clear packaging does not impact its potency. In fact, the clear packaging allows users to check that the powder has been successfully mixed into the base solution and to observe colour changes as it oxidises to ensure it’s at optimal freshness and glow-boosting potency!

How to activate Vitamin C Booster Treatment?
Can Vitamin C Booster Treatment be used for longer than two weeks?
Once activated, each batch of Vitamin C Booster Treatment can be used for longer than two weeks, but this is the recommended window for optimal ingredient freshness and brightening potency, as the benefits of ascorbic acid will start diminishing after 21 days. To maintain your glow, it is perfectly safe to continue use back-to-back with another freshly activated Vitamin C Booster Treatment.

How to tell when Vitamin C Booster Treatment has oxidised?
When fresh, ascorbic acid is white and releases into the base solution to create a clear, naturally coloured base. As the mixture oxidises, the liquid will slowly begin to turn yellow and eventually become a dark orange.

Is Vitamin C Booster Treatment suited for sensitive skin?
All skin types should enjoy being able to use Vitamin C Booster Treatment, as the 6% ascorbic acid content was chosen after research and trial as a concentration that is both effective at increasing the skin’s glow while also being suitable for all skin types without causing irritation. However, like all new skincare products, we recommend that you patch test first or consult your medical practitioner before use.

What is Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion?
A sister launch to our Vitamin C Booster Treatment, NEW Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion is a light hydrating lotion which harnesses antioxidant-rich vitamin C to promote a brighter complexion, rosehip to nourish and daisy extract to illuminate and help with the appearance pigmentation.

Should Vitamin C Booster Treatment and Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion be applied together? Do both have to be used or can one be used on their own?
Both Vitamin C Booster Treatment and Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion contain vitamin C and can be used on their own. However, for optimal results we recommend using these together to maintain and extend skin brightness and glow.

Are there any consumer test results that can be leveraged to support efficacy of these products?

In order to test the efficacy of Vitamin C Booster Treatment and Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion, we conducted a consumer trial with both products on 90 women who used the products twice daily over a two-week period and then self-assessed their results. Using Vitamin C Booster Treatment, 71% saw an improvement in overall skin radiance, 80% saw an improvement in skin tone and 85% saw an improvement in tired, dull skin. Using Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion, 71% saw an improvement in overall skin radiance, 76% saw an improvement in skin texture and 80% saw an improvement in overall skin radiance.

When should Vitamin C Booster Treatment and Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion be applied during a skincare regime?
After cleansing and exfoliating, we recommend Vitamin C Booster Treatment be applied followed by Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion. If you’d love an extra hydration boost with other products, we recommend these be applied at the end of your beauty regimen to lock in the benefits (a handy little skincare tip is to always apply the most concentrated ingredients first for maximum absorbency for maximum benefits!)

*Averaged self-assessment results from 30 women using Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment & Trilogy Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion over 2 weeks. Used twice daily.